DIP modules

  • Micro-controllers
  • Microprocessors
  • Peripherals
  • Sensors
  • Analog
  • Power
  • Wireless
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Production

Why Connexi?

Standardized Range

Based on a published standard. Future modules will be pin compatible

IC Flexibility

Not restricted to one IC brand. Compare, mix and match to optimise performance and cost

No Bloat

One function per module. Not bloated with peripherals you don’t want

Development Speed

Put more effort into your design with drastically reduced prototyping time

Competitor and Breadboard Friendly

DIP friendly breakout boards for rapid prototyping, connectors for using competitors modules with Connexi DIP microcontrollers

MicroPython and C/C++

Connexi micro-controller modules support C/C++ and MicroPython which is ideal for rapid software development

Made for Industry, Made for Makers Made for You

Is Connexi for me?

  • R&D Engineers. Evaluate and use SMD ICs without making a PCB. Build faster, start software faster, get to market faster.
  • Manufacturers. Keep your product up to date with the latest technology without redesign – just plug in an upgrade. Build low cost and high performance products on the same platform – just use different modules. Get new features to market faster.
  • Power Electronics. Ideal for adding control to high power PCB’s.
  • Scientists and Researchers. Build controllers and data loggers, etc quickly with Connexi DIP and MicroPython.
  • Education. Ideal for teaching hardware, robotics or software. Rapidly reconfigure for different projects.
  • Anyone making one off or low volume products.
  • Hobbyists and Makers. The latest IC packages are hard to hand solder. Use them pre-soldered on DIP modules.

Why Connexi?

  • Connexi was born out of frustration with using other modules and breakout boards in R&D.
  • Years of experience in making R&D prototypes has gone into the features, format and pinout specification.
  • One function per module. Not bloated with peripherals you don’t want.
  • More ports than competing modules. DIP14 can have up to 4 UARTs, 2 SPI, I2C, I2S, CANbus, 4 ADC, 2 DAC, 9 Timer/PWM. Just pick the ports you want within the 9 pin limit, eg UART, CANbus, I2C, 2 ADC, DAC or UART, SPI, ADC 2 GPIO.
  • Low cost and high performance versions in each size.
  • Designs optimised for ease of use and best performance. Thorough engineering including features required for CE, FCC and UL approvals.
  • Manufactured to commercial and industrial standards for production use. -40°to 85° option, lead time and MOQ apply.
  • Open source design files for making custom products.
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