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Connexi DIP modules are a range of 14, 20, 32, 40, 48 and 64 (future) pin electronics modules for rapid prototyping and production.

They are based on a very flexible uniform pinout specification which allows easy interchange or upgrade and comparison of different components.

The pinout allocation was chosen for designer convenience instead of being based on any IC pinout. Differences in IC interfaces are handled on the module or by paralleling pins so different brands of IC can be used without hardware changes.

SIP7 uses one side of DIP14 for 7 wire remote peripheral connection using UART, CAN, SPI or I2C.

All common interfaces are standardised including:

  • UART & USART including CK, RTS, CTS, 485DE
  • SPI, I2C, I2S Audio, CANbus
  • Timers, PWM including 3 & 4 phase, Quad enc.
  • ADC, DAC, Aref, AGND.
  • Plans to add real world interface standards, eg power, motors, relays, audio, etc.

Chris Mason


University of Melbourne, Australia. BEng (elec).
National Semiconductor, 11 years. Field Applications Engineer and Design Engineer. I gained a lot of my semiconductor knowledge directly from the chip designers at National in Santa Clara (Silicon Valley).
Earth Computers / Terran Computers. Design engineer responsible for switched mode power supplies, microcontrollers and Xilinx FPGA design.
JED Microprocessors. R&D manager. Design of embedded computers, controllers and test equipment systems for industrial and automotive use.
In Chip Design. 1995 to present. Owner and Principal Engineer. Contract R&D and product design. Industrial, medical, defence, power, automotive, railway, mining and consumer industries.

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